Alex contributes to WalletHub's "Most Fun Cities"

What are ways that local governments can make their downtowns more inviting for businesses and visitors? Visiting Professor of Governance and Technology in Seton Hall University's Department of Political Science and Public Affairs provides a few clues on WalletHub's Most Fun Cities to visit index, including by streamlining zoning and permitting processes, providing more outdoor and pedestrian spaces, and more.

A4424 - Electric Vehicles in NJ

There are a number of reasons why it's been challenging to deploy electric vehicles more widely in New Jersey. Here's one way that we can take a large step forward - with no taxpayer cost or complicated legal/policy changes needed, just adding a few words to existing state finance regulations. 

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Talking CivicTech in St. Louis

What are the values of your civic technology project? I joined GlobalHack, and some civic philanthropists in St. Louis, Missouri, to talk about how to ensure your civic tech project is is the right project for your community, and the value well designed projects can bring to a community. 

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