I help to create better outcomes for individuals and communities by empowering leaders, organizations, and individuals with more trusted and effective goal-setting, decision-making, and implementation strategies, tactics, and tools.


Work will typically (but not always) come somewhere near the form of one of the following models:

Brainstorming | Advising | Mentoring. Typically more short-term in duration, ranging from a single event or several individual conversations up to one or two months, this is the least intensive level of service. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh set of eyes or outside perspective to help think through a business plan, campaign strategy, policy proposal, or program implementation. Between surveys, virtual meetings, documentation collaboration, team discussions, onsite visits, vision sessions, and more, together we can help you focus in on whatever is front of you.

I've helped advise many candidates for elected office (mostly local, of all party affiliations), individuals interested in starting a business or nonprofit organization, or those already in government. Some of these have been provided as advisorships/mentorships or workshops through existing organizations such as with Sustainable Jersey, New Leaders Council, Millennial Action Project, Run for America, Civic Hall, Rutgers Eagleton School, Seton Hall University, John Jay College and many more.


Planning | Evaluating | Facilitating. Typically several months or longer in duration, this is a more in-depth level of service. This involves taking a deeper dive into the vision or goals of any particular organization or project. In addition to the above, this may include independent research or data collection, the creation or development of original work product that can be used to help guide or implement on your project, or facilitated team or stakeholder meetings. 

Examples of prior engagements at this level of service include work with Run for America, the Citizens Campaign, Living Cities, John Jay College Foundation, the Philadelphia Citizen, and many more.


Implementing | Supporting | Managing. This is the most intensive level of service, and is usually full-time, or close to it (or more than it). Typically, this is a longer duration, though it doesn't have to be, and typically involves being directly responsible for the oversight or implementation of a program or management of an organization, or directly supporting the person doing so. These engagements are typically for the purpose of accomplishing an ambitious agenda or new program that requires creative problem-solving, outside expertise, structured management, original research, detailed budget/funding evaluation, or other more "technical" work products.

Examples of this work include my time as mayor and emergency management coordinator for the Township of South Orange Village, Program Director for Pathways for America, Borough Administrator for the Borough of Leonia, Business Administrator for the City of Lambertville, or founder and managing partner of Veracity Media.

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