Explore what I've been up to:


Explore what I've been up to:

Learn about progress in South Orange

South Orange has seen four years of the lowest tax increases in over fifteen, hundreds of millions of dollars in investment in the downtown, three years of debt reduction, four years of crime reduction, increased commitment to sustainability, better use of technology and more support for the arts.

Most important, all done with a civic space now compromised of constructive, collaborative leadership and an informed, engaged public actively involved in shaping the future of the community.

Check out our progress in South Orange to learn more.

Inspiring & educating the next generation of leaders

With Rethink Leadership, Alex and the Veracity team has helped connect young elected officials from around the country to eachother. Figuring out what exists that motivates and demotivates people from entering our civic space is critical to understanding how best to move forward.

Appointed as an adjunct faculty of governance and technology in Seton Hall University's Department of Political Science and Public Administration in the Fall of 2014, Alex co-teaches with Dr. Matt Hall a breakthrough course on governing and administration centered around the idea of "open" as the default. The course covers basic public administration history, technology and data use, concepts in ethical and open management and anti-corruption lessons.

Alex also serves on the advisory board of New Leader's Council New Jersey and is a James Madison Fellow at the Millennial Action Project. Alex has spoken to hundreds of commnity groups, classes, schools and organizations around the world about leadership, governance and technology. Contact him to have him participate at your next panel, workshop or event.

Check out more on Rethink Leadership to learn more.

Alex Torpey with Senator Cory Booker interns

Empowering innovation through Veracity Media

How Veracity Media empowers change

I founded Veracity Media to help support those trying to make the world and their communities a better place we grew our company to the place of being able to accomplish our vision of helping create a better world.

While at Veracity, we helped fight for free college tuition and access to affordable higher education, better veteran benefits, more women in elected office, more independents in our government, and above all - leadership. In some of our country’s most leaderless areas. We believe in government transparency, citizen education and empowerment, smarter national service and foreign policy, smart economic development, bettering our environment through responsible energy policy, protecting and strengthening free speech rights and privacy and an open, democratic Internet.

Check out what they're up to: veracitymedia.com to learn more.

Taking pictures of beautiful things & places

Visiting, exploring, living and learning

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If you’re interested in learning more about or contacting Veracity Media, please email contact@veracitymedia.com

To learn more about South Orange, get involved, or contact the Village, please do so at southorange.org.


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